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Build a Connected Future for Consumer IoT

Build a Connected Future for Consumer IoT

Geeny is an IoT platform that brings together a community of businesses with IoT solutions to improve the consumer experience through interoperability. This empowers consumers to experience a whole new range of functionalities with their existing devices and applications. Once an IoT device is connected to Geeny, application providers can start consuming the data provided by the device to create innovative use cases. 

Unlock the Full Potential of your IoT Device

Unlock the Full Potential of your IoT Device
Geeny enables more services to connect to your consumer IoT device. Simply onboard your device to our platform, where we can connect you to third-party application providers who want to implement new use cases involving your product. Tap into new sets of users, allowing you to expand your customer base while empowering the consumer to get even more out of your IoT solution.

Join the Geeny Alliance

Join the Geeny Alliance
You can take advantage of our IoT platform by joining the Geeny Alliance. The Alliance is our community of businesses with smart devices and applications that collaborate to create new use cases for their IoT solutions. We offer Alliance members individualized support with integration, hardware innovation, product development and more.

A Single API for Multiple Data Sources

If you are an application provider, you can just tap into data from IoT devices connected to Geeny and use it in your own service. Take this opportunity to create new revenue sources by releasing innovative new use cases enriched with third-party data.

Be GDPR compliant right from the start

Geeny places consumers at the heart of the IoT experience, giving them complete control over their data flows. Our IoT ecosystem is GDPR compliant as soon as the regulation takes effect in May and our high privacy and security standards are backed by Telefónica.


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