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For IoT developers and IoT decision-makers:

Some call it SIM. We call it: Geeny

Highest security, reduced costs, smart integration, AWS cloud-based.


Secure and cost-effective

Maximum security with Geeny SecureConnect
SIM card technology for your own private network.

This product enables sensors and devices to be connected to your AWS Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) via a logically separate, virtual (“private”) network - detached and isolated from the public internet.

This is achieved thanks to an application-specific network segmentation in the Telefónica Germany infrastructure. There, the SecureSIM cards are individually registered for you and configured for maximum security.

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Ordering, provision and commissioning are this simple:
AWS cloud-based
Integration-server, obtain
AMI directly via AWS
SIM Paket
Select SIM + package
Select SIM card,
quantity & tariff
Order, pay and start
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Geeny SecureSIM

GEENY CloudConnect


deutschlandweit: Nutzung im Mobilfunknetz von o2 Telefónica Deutschland

ab 10,00 €
Jetzt auswählen
Geeny SecureSIM

GEENY CloudConnect


deutschlandweit: Nutzung im Mobilfunknetz von o2 Telefónica Deutschland

ab 10,00 €
Jetzt auswählen
Geeny SecureSIM

GEENY CloudConnect


deutschlandweit: Nutzung im Mobilfunknetz von o2 Telefónica Deutschland

ab 10,00 €
Jetzt auswählen
SecureConnect consisting of two elements:
Order via the Geeny Shop
SecureSIM Bestellung
Included in price and offer:
  • Private channel in AWS VPC
  • Secure use on the Telefónica mobile network
  • Term 10 years
To the tariffs
Ordering and Installation via AWS Marketplace
For the integration of the SecureSIM into the AWS Virtual Private Cloud
100 % secure connection
to your VPC
AWS Cloud Hosting
Hosting, operation and procurement via:
To the SecureGateway
The Geeny SecureSIM cards are available in three tariffs:

Geeny SecureSIM Germany
10,00 € *

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Geeny SecureSIM EU
10,00 € *

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Geeny SecureSIM International
10,00 € *

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* Special SIM card types at extra charge
Connecting Things

Connecting things: secure & smart - your advantages with Geeny

  • Unique device identification via SIM card
  • Use of innovative low-level protocols, e.g. Constrained Application Protocol (CoAP)
  • Cost reduction due to significantly lower effort for encryption
    with a significantly higher degree of security at the same time
Next-level security, network-based & smart integration, AWS-cloud-based, high protection against attacks
  • Significantly higher level of security compared to device-based encryption
  • No more resources required for additional encryption or firewall solutions
  • Saves energy, enables longer battery life and reduces the size of the devices
  • Unique device identification via SIM card
Next Level Security

Multiple advantages of the SecureConnect solution

Geeny by Telefonica
sichere Verbindung

Secure connections

Geeny ensures a direct and secure connection between IoT devices and the AWS Virtual Private Cloud.

International verfügbar

Internationally available

Superb connectivity through the Geeny SecureSIM IoT cards from Telefónica Deutschland, currently in up to 80 countries worldwide.

sensible Daten

For sensitive data

With Geeny, no further encryption of the transmission is required. Perfect for sensitive IoT data.

Vorteile mit SecureConnect

Advantages with SecureConnect

Geeny SecureConnect reduces
potential security risks at all times and increases
economic efficiency.

Geeny SecureConnect

Geeny SecureConnect

The Geeny SecureConnect SIM cards are registered on the Telefónica Deutschland network and their data traffic does not pass through the public Internet - this means maximum security.

Längere Laufzeiten

Longer runtimes

Additional encryption solutions can be dispensed with. As a result, Geeny offers significantly lower power consumption and longer runtimes.

Reports from our partners:

Kann ich Geeny für mein Unternehmen nutzen?
Nutzen Sie die Geeny Private-Cloud-Technologie für Ihre IoT-Anwendungen.
Einsatzmöglichkeiten, Einsparpotenziale, Sicherheitsaspekte: Wir informieren Sie gerne!
Iot Medizintechnik

Sensitive IoT data: feel secure!
Compared to traditional IoT connections over the Internet, Geeny SecureConnect technology offers excellent protection and eliminates security risks from data manipulation. The Geeny SecureGateway works with Geeny SecureSIM cards that run on the Telefónica Germany network. And all this at extremely attractive and competitive rates, currently in 80 countries around the world.

  • Security during the transmission of sensitive data
  • Lowest costs in acquisition and continuous operation
  • All the benefits with a single SIM card and matching top tariffs
Ingeniously simple. Simply ingenious. Insert the SIM card and get started. All data is safe in your own IoT Cloud.

SecureConnect: The advantages for your industry

Advantages for
medical technology
IoT applications in medical technology and patient monitoring
  • Highest security for the uncomplicated transmission of patient data
  • Monitoring and remote diagnostics in a secure virtual private cloud environment
Advantages for
Industry 4.0 applications
IoT applications in monitoring and optimisation of transport and logistics
  • Secure transmission of data for networking machines and systems
  • Uncomplicated monitoring and control of
    remote devices
Advantages for
IoT applications in monitoring and optimisation of transport and logistics
  • Secured data for monitoring and controlling intralogistics processes
  • Highest security for the control of systems and machine data
Advantages for
energy supply
IoT applications in energy supply and remote plants
  • Secure connection and monitoring of the systems and technology
  • Direct transfer of data to the AWS Cloud for operation, maintenance and service
Smart City
Advantages for
Smart City
IoT networking for cities and municipalities with the cloud: Smart City
  • Highest security for the transmission of all sensitive data
  • Reduction of costs in acquisition and continuous operation
Windparks und Offshore
Advantages for
wind farms + offshore
IoT applications for the networking of wind farms and offshore plants
  • Easy integration of remote power generation such as offshore applications
  • Maximum security through direct connection from SIM
    to AWS Cloud
Advantages for
IoT applications for the international transport of goods and commodities
  • Secure monitoring and data transmission in trade and logistics
  • Simple acquisition and low costs in maintenance and service
Smart Buldings
Advantages for
smart buildings
IoT applications for office buildings, airports or shopping centres
  • Direct transfer of data to the AWS Cloud for operation, maintenance and service
  • Highest security for the transmission of sensitive information

Thechallengesindealing with sensitive IoTdata in medical technology andpharma

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Download Use Case
Medizintechnik Use Case
Usecase: Medical Technology & Pharma

The secure connection from the IoT device to the AWS Cloud

AWS Virtual Private Cloud: Install now and get started

Saveon costly and maintenance-intensive security or firewall solutions and improveessential parameters of your IoT applications and devices. Direct encryption isalready an integral part of the Geeny SecureSIM card solution.

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All advantages integrated
into one SIM card technology.

Geeny – Next-level IoT
from Telefónica.

AWS Hosting
Safe, intelligent, trendsetting.

Geeny: Sends sensitive data directly encrypted to your Virtual Private Cloud. This way you can connect all devices end-to-end without any detours.


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FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Geeny SecureConnect

The SecureConnect product consists of two components. The SecureSIM, which can be ordered via the online shop, and the SecureGateway, which can be obtained via the AWS Marketplace. Both components must be used in combination to use the SecureConnect product.

Is SecureSIM a VPN?

No. Unlike a VPN, SecureSIM doesn’t use the Internet to send data at all. It uses cellular networks to move data. That data remains entirely within the highly secure and encrypted environment of Telefónica Germany as it moves Machine to Machine (M2M) or connects to your AWS cloud setup.

Why is it better than a VPN?

If you’re using a software-based VPN and the software fails for any reason, your traffic may default to unencrypted transmission. If you’re using a hardware-based VPN, you have the expense of hardware and maintenance and a lack of connectivity if it fails. This can be omitted by SecureConnect and therefore offers a clear advantage over VPN encryption.

Where can I use SecureSIM?

You can use SecureSIM anywhere the carrier’s signal can reach. This means you’re not limited to where lines and cables have been installed. And because it can run on NB-IoT, LTE-M, 2G, 4G and 5G networks, your devices will work under a wide range of conditions.

What if I need access to my tools in the cloud?

You can use them! If you need your devices to be able to connect to the servers and applications in your AWS cloud setup, they can do that without ever having to move traffic over the Internet. If your devices need to access the Internet, you can configure them to use a VPN gateway from your AWS cloud. You have all the connectivity you need and not one byte is ever unprotected.

How can I use SecureSIM?

That’s up to you. Whether it’s a tablet, a POS terminal, a sensor at a remote facility, or some other device, you can use SecureSIM to send and receive data between devices and to applications, servers, databases, and more. With the power of APIs, you can collect, send, and use data securely and remotely.

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All advantages integrated
into one SIM card technology.
Geeny – Next-level IoT
from Telefónica.
  • All advantages integratedinto one SIM card technology
  • Next-level VPC for allapplications requiring security
  • Secure and encrypted
  • 10-year term
  • Currently in 80 countriesaround the world
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